As Time Passes By Tag: Nails

I saw this tag at Purple Glitter blog and it sums up in a more fun way something that I had in mind.  I wanted to make a comparison of the first & last manicure I've posted, as well as makeup.  If my memory doesn't fails, I'll try to do this yearly on this date from now on.
Let me know if you do this tag!

While checking my blog archive I found this post which features my very first post about nails and my first time attempting nail art & resin nails

and for a more fair comparison, my first nail polish swatch on my natural nails


My latest nail related post which features a super nail polish sandwich

Almost two years have passed between these. I haven't venture in to the fake nails for a while; I like my natural nails better.  Taking aside camera woes, I think the quality of my pictures have improved.  Now I try to take them after cleanup, even when I feel lazy.
Next time I'll post the makeup comparison.

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