Nabi Nailpolishes

There is a pharmacy on my neighborhood, but I barely go there; always end up on Walgreens or Walmart.  Couple of weeks ago I ended up there and while browsing the cosmetics isle, found this nail polish brand called Nabi and rememberes seeing them in Las Vegas.  They have a great variety of clear polishes with glitter shapes on it - stars, hexagons, circles, hearts, triangles- and then the price; only $1.99.
I picked two colors only, just to try them out:

132 Navy Blue: the name says it all, navy blue but with kind of a aqua reflect. On nails has some sort of metallic finish. Please be kind with me, this is my first post trying to describe a nail polish and I'm not an expert on anything. It applies really nice.  Didn't had problems with bubbles or streaks.  It stained my nails a little after removal  and it lasted about 8 days before it started to wear off my nail edges.

                                                     sorry, pics taken before clean up

106 Round Glitter: Yellowish polish with round glitter in red, turquoise- aqua, gold and tiny glitter gold dots. Haven't use this one yet, I'm thinking of getting a pale gold or green polish to layer Round Glitter on top.  I did tried to swatch it but it was a little difficult to "place" all the glitters; maybe if the glitter was more dense would be easier.

I'm thinking in getting more polishes from this brand, specially the ones with glitter.  In the same pharmacy there are also Carlo Di Roma products; have you tried them? Anything in particular you would recommend?
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