Shimmery Eyes, Orange Lips

Have you ever orchestrated a makeup look around a lipstick? I've done it many times.  This time -for no particular reason- I wanted to sport orange lips.  I love this trend but think that it looks better in darker, richer skin tones.  Anyway I was determined and I did it!
For this look I used products from a no name/random brand makeup kit I got as a Christmas present.

it started like this, but I wanted something else; the plain brown eyeliner was not convinging

added glitter eyeliner on top of the brown liner

dabbed some gold pigment on top of the orange lipstick

Felt that something was missing when I realized: Hey girl! Haven't done your foundation/concealer yet?
I got so carried away with everything else that  forgot to apply my foundation! Hence the shot with crazy looking skin ;)
I'm glad I notice before heading out.

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