Giveaway Reminder!

Hope you had a great weekend!
I spent mine studying, dragging over a nasty neck pain; but had the chance to go out and have dinner with my family.

First, I want to thank everyone that have joined this blog, recently I passed the 100 follower mark and I'm very happy! Now to the giveaway: Again, thanks to everyone who have participated.  Since the prizes are quite modest; I didn't expect as much participation.; super excited and grateful here! :)  Also because of the submissions I've found some really cool blogs!

This is my 1st time hosting a giveaway. When organizing it I tried to make it simple: You are only required to be a public subscriber to enter, just hit the follow button and fill out a short form.
I've read that is a major task to validate all entries; so yesterday I took some time to start working on it.  I found a lot of the participants are not followers -or at least publicly-.  Liking my fb page or sharing the news about the giveaway is optional and I'm very thankful for that :D  if you are short of time, there is no need to share it; but being a subscriber is mandatory. I don't think would be fair to skip this step, specially for friends that have follow the blog prior to the giveaway.

I'm sorry if this reminder/clarification goes as rude; its not my intention.  I just want everyone to have the chance to participate, according to the guidelines.  If you think you might have skipped the mandatory part, I will be honored if you subscribed.  I promise to re-validate entries before selecting a winner.

Thanks for your support & understanding
Happy Holidays!

click on the image to participate!
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