Guest Post: Noelia on how to pamper your nails this season!

I'm super happy & honored to have Noelia from It's not my life anymore colaborating here!  I love my nail polishes, but she is definitely a hard-core fan & connoisseur of the trade.  Thanks to Noelia for sharing her secrets with us on how to achieve beautiful nails and be jolly - all year long
Enjoy! :)

Noelia says:

Nail Care:
  • Drink lots of water, this will help hydrate your nails. 
  • Avoid using your nails as tools [no picking, scratching, digging, pinching, etc]
  • Wear rubber gloves when doing house cleaning and washing the dishes. 
  • Avoid using perfume lotions, the alcohol dries them. 
  • Always file in one direction this will prevent peeling. 
  • Buffing is good, it helps circulation and encourages nail growth. 
  • Use cuticle oil at least a few times a week. 
Painting Your Nail Tips:
  • Let each layer of polish dry completely before applying another.
  • Do thin coats, it will dry quicker and last longer.
  • Use a remover with built in moisturizers, this will help limit damage to the nail.
  • Remove the cuticle oil with some acetone, this will help you when applying your color.
  • Use a base coat with some kind of growth or hardener, this is only if you need it. I will save you time vs having to apply them separately. 
My Top 5 nails polish for the Season  
(* means swatch or tutorial) 

All About You


Use any brand you like. The idea here is to use red, green, silver, blue and gold anyway you want them on your nails. Be creative! Do different things.
I'm a Sinful Colors fan. The Holiday colors are amazing!
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