Collective Haul

This are a couple of things that I've got since mid November as gifts from my mother.  It feels weird being spoiled by her now that I'm and adult; usually was the other way around...God works in mysterious ways!

I'm very sure this is not a shirt like mom said.  It looks more like sleepwear?
because on my is to long to be a t-shirt but to short to be a dress, I have to wear it leggings or skinny jeans
From K Mart

This one is from Gatsby ($12).  
Not my kind of print, but once I tried it on I couldn't resist!
This one might need to wait for spring because is getting chilly here

Also from Gatsby ($11)

This one was an impulse buy. From Old Navy girls dept ($3)
I'm 29, I shouldn't be wearing shirts like this, but I looked super cute at the time! 
after reality check: not so much! :\  I might give it away

Another find from girls dept, this time at JC Penney ($11)
This purple cardigan is great, super comfy and warm!
I added the black blouse underneath for illustration

boots from K Mart ($19.99)
I was surprised at how comfortable they feel

wearing them with thighs and mini skirt
 -not so mini on my 5'2" hahaha-

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