ELF neon trio nail polishes - Pop Candy

I found this kit at Burlington last month.  They had another trio with metallic shades but the colors didn't got my attention as the neon's did. It was only $2.99 - and surprises me the tag says they usually retail for $6?
Any who - to the pics and review!

The design in the box is really cute and I like that the bottles are not round :)
The box says the polishes are 3-free, fast dry. They dry fast but not as faster as the SpeedDry+ from Avon or the ones from Wet N' Wild.  It includes a neon yellow, pink and green. I won't enter in detail of shade descriptions because colors and names are self explanatory.

The brush is nice for medium nails. It spreads across, making it easier to cover wider nails.  The handle is short, which I' don't like and got me some tries to get used it.

The consistency in the green and yellow is watery.  In the other hand, consistency on the pink one is perfect.  I didn't felt any strong smell on them.  Most neon polishes dry matte, but this ones dried semi-matte.  In terms on coverage Green and Yellow are problematic -specially Yellow, needs 4 coats or a white base for better opacity-  Pink covered well with one coat and went perfect with two.  While testing, notice you need to put extra top coat around the edges of your nails because they can chip from that part in a matter of 2-3 days.

one coat

 two coats

 tree coats

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