Elf beauty eye manual: everyday eye edition

Has show in this post, I got this palette at Burlington for $4.49.  This kit might not be available on Elf's website anymore, I couldn't find it.

This kit comes with 12 eyeshadows, a dual end sponge tip applicator and a black mini eyeliner. It also as a diagram with numbers, pics and written instructions on how to achieve the day or night look.  On mine the picture of the final look is the same; maybe because of that error they end up on Burlington?

Eyeshadows are a mix of matte, satin & shimmer -most of them- and has one that is matte with glitter flecks.

The palette comes with a film that protect the shadows and also serves as a numbering system, since they don't have names.  This swatches were made without any base/primer using sponge tip applicators.  
I like the range of colors included.  There is no major bright shade included, but think that's why its called "everyday edition".  It make easier go from day to night.  
The dark shades are not super dark, so padding and not sweeping the brush is what I would recommend.  I found the shade #1 to powdery for my taste; but its usable; great for the classic pinup look.  My favorites are the ones with a satin finish, they are very very smooth.  
The surprise in this palette -at least to me- was the eyeliner.  As you can see in the swatch, its very pigmented, even tho the flash could have washed the color a bit.  In the edges of the lines I did with it you can appreciate how easy to blend it is.  
In general: for no more than $5 you get 12 eyeshadows with good quality, an soft mini eyeliner and in the case of beginners, a helpful guide to use them - in my book this palette is a yes  :)
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