A rare thing: me cooking

This is a very rare post - me cooking!  I only do salads, chicken & vegetables stocks, broiled chicken, veggie quesadillas; the simple stuff.  While ago I had to make dinner for my parents while my mom was working late.  She told me to do ricotta stuffed pasta shells.  Pasta is easy, but cooking always gets me nervous.  I had ingredients issues, but at the end everything turned good.

besides the cheese, I grabbed pretty much everything I found in the fridge: already cooked ground meat, cheddar & taco mix cheese, marinara sauce, ricotta cheese and even alfredo sauce to experiment but I didn't used it.
After cooking the pasta I started to fill the shells with the ricotta + meat.  I had half of the pasta box left when I run out of ground beef to mix with the ricotta.  I improvised mixing the ricotta with random herbs & italian seasoning.
I think those shells multiplicated like the gremlins because I run out of ricotta and there was plenty of them!  Again, had to improvise; but this time with butter / lemon vegetable meddle to fill the shells and the rest (yeah, there were more) with some chili mom did a couple days back and she froze the remaining.
After so much improvising I put aluminum foil over the oven tray, put plenty of marinara sauce over and arranged the stuffed shells.  I covered them with more sauce, taco mix & cheddar cheese and parmesan.  The electrical oven I was using is small, so I had to bake them in batches. I froze the remaining.  This are medium size shells.  They are easy to do in advance and have them on hand for a quick fix meal :D
What else would you use to fill your pasta?
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