Esika - Alviento styling cream

Hi friends!
Today I come to you with a review on the Alviento hair cream from Esika.  I already reviewed another product from Esika in case you want to check it out. 

Alviento is a styling cream with aloe, macadamia nut and shea butter to comb your hair. Its advertise promises a shinny, hydrated and manageable hair,  In my experience the product works very simple and yet better; it delivers. My hair is very thin, straight at the roots and wavy at the ends. Constant coloring and straighten have left it with a bit of frizz. 
The Good:
- According to the directions you can use this cream with either wet or dry hair, but I prefer to use it while its wet and it makes detangling my fine hair a breeze :)

- Even tho I should use them, I rarely apply any heath protectors prior to blow dry or flat iron my hair because it gets insanely oily and I end up with even less volume.  I've use this cream for two months every time I'm going to apply heat to my hair and doesn't leave it greasy.  It adds shine in a natural way - my hair doesn't look like a shiny wig.

- I've used it prior to apply gel or muse and works great.  Because my hair have its own demos, I like gels / muse with strong hold but sometimes hair ends feeling "crunchy".  This cream avoids the crunch effect without interfering with the other product.

- The smell is very nice.  I've tried to compare it to something - fruity or floral - but its something very neutral and gentle.

As to bad things, I have none to say yet.

In between: I could not find this item on the catalogs online, but my mom told me it was around $7, which is a reasonable price.

Today's pearl of wisdom: truth can be juicy contradiction - like Starburst

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