Sinful Colors Timbleberry

Today I'll share with you maybe one of the most problematic polishes to photograph that I own: Sinful Colors Timbleberry.  In person is a very bright coral with a hint of pink, opaque with 2 coats but I used 3 because I love how super shinny it gets :)  I like this color so much that I even wore it on my toes; which is extremely rare.  I don't like my toes and prefer to use nude and discrete shades like China Glaze Cashmere Creme, when I'm all jolly I would use Path Santa during Christmas.
But back to Timbleberry, it was very difficult to photograph because it always turned too pink.  I tried with 2 digital cameras, tweaked flash & camera settings, tried with my cellphone. With my cellphone one of the pictures came out looking almost neon, the next one came close, but still not the real thing :\

Today's pearl of wisdom:

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