Esika Magic Effect Liquid Eyeliner

Hi Dolls!
Today I'll review the Esika Magic Effect Liquid Eyeliner
Mom got me this product about a month ago, she ordered from a catalog one of the patient handed at the office she works.  In Puerto Rico Esika is a relatively new brand and at their page looks like they haven't incursion in the rest of the US.  I could describe the company as something similar to Avon.  Esika is a branch from L'bel Paris.

The product consist of a medium size wand with a white felt tip and in the tube there is a clear gel that will do the "magic" trick of the eyeliner.  The gel helps to use your favorite press or loose eyeshadow as eyeliner.  I'm sure this is not a new concept -specially because you can do the same with eye drops and an angle brush- but its practical.  My mom doesn't remember the price but she estimate it was around $5 to $7.  At this time I could not find the exact price on their online catalog.

The instructions are simple: swipe the felt tip on the desired eyeshadow, remove the excess and line your eyes. The little pamphlet also includes tips on how to clean the felt tip to use it later with other color - this is a win - even tho the product might not be available in the US, the instructions are both in English and Spanish - another win -

 I used the black with gold shimmer eyeshadow in  the Comfort Zone palette

Like mentioned in the introduction, this is not new, but it is practical to use a product like this, instead of spending $ in a lot of eyeliners; you can have your "custom" eyeliner. Besides, it beats having to carry a brush, something to moist it + the eyeshadow.

- The packaging is very convenient for on-the-go. If you are a sucker for packaging the colors and designs are very cute :D

- The pamphlet explains everything very clear and easy, specially the cleaning part.  After cleaning the tip looks stained, but didn't stain the eyeshadows.

- The price is reasonable since the product is practical. You can not only use it to line your eyes, but to draw on you face when doing more artsy looks. I wonder if it would be good for nail art once the product have dried???

- The tip is very thin, but you can build up a more thick line if desired. Its design makes winged eyeliner easier.

- Sadly my camera couldn't capture it, but in person I could see the gold flecks in the eyeshadow, it look super pretty!

- I've just tried it with a couple of colors,  but it don't come super opaque.  If you want something super dark use a matte eyeshadow.  I think it works better with loose eyeshadows / pigments than pressed ones.

In Between:
- Online they show the product, description but nothing about its price;if its available in US nor it appears on the catalogs I've checked.  I wrote the company about it. They answered back asking my phone # and address to set a consultation. 

- I wish the instruction pamphlet was bigger.  I had this product for about two weeks on my drawer before using it just because I wasn't sure what to do to clean it afterwards, didn't want to mess it up.  The pamphlet its so small that I didn't notice it was folded inside the box....dumb me!

- The tip is quite stiff. At first I thought "this is not going to work" ,  but it did.  If you try to bend it will do, but its not flimsy; so allows you to keep control.

- For me the size of the wand is perfect, my hands are small. If you have big hands the size could be somewhat annoying
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