Products you hate to love

I think everyone now and then have this problem.  It might be its package, color, smell, availability, etc : you love the product but there is something about it that sets you off.

my picks:
- Revlon ColorStay Foundation: a pump will be much appreciated

- Nyx  Ultra Pearl Manias: the tiny mouth of the bottle makes them incredibly difficult to use, creating a mess with every time unless you depot them.

- Urban Decay Primer Potion: They now have it in a tube dispenser, but it was reported to be LE only, the "genie bottle" its still available.  Once I "run out" of mine, I decided to cut it open to find out there was a ridiculously amount of product there

- Most Urban Decay Palettes: except for Naked, most are bulky

What about your love-hate relationships?
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