Totally random and happy

Hello Friends!
I want to let you know that I recently started on a new job -at last!- and that's the the reason behind the lack of posts.  It is a part- time job and the first 3 days where exhausting but not bad at all, I missed the feeling of getting out of work tired but happy at the same time.  I'll be working on a toy store, probably until Jan 31 next year.  If the store sales are good they might consider make it permanent, wish me luck on that! :D

here with my uniform

And here some pics from my little cousin birthday last saturday

And here trying clothes just for fun, things that are out of my comfort zone:

loooooved this corset! maybe when I reach my weigh goal :D

this one fitted me a little tight but it looked cute. trying out clothes that still doesn't fit me properly keeps me motivated to lose weight - almost there!-

And at the end, there was a rainbow...
on my way back from work :D
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