Point of View: Posting someone elses work on Luuux

I'm new to Luuux in terms of posting content.  I've been reading sporadically post here and have found really nice post but others...are a complete lack of honesty.

I have a personal blog, www.randomstash.blogspot.com in which I post mostly things makeup / beauty related and someone suggested me to open an account here because what you post is more accessible for others to read, comment and interact.  So, I finally signed up and I agree, I get more comments and interact with more people than in my blog.  You can see that some comments are just to get Luuux$; but I've found most of them to be a genuine interest in the subject you wrote about.  I don't do it for the rewards, to get something here you need to post 24/7.

Now, to the stealing someone else work situation:  I'm part of this community and I don't like it.  It takes time and a lot of work to create original content, even if you only have 5 followers on your blog; it is YOUR idea, YOUR work, Your resources, YOUR time and if someone else wishes to use it -especially to get some sort of benefit- the least thing that person should do is ask for your permission. The whole situation could be a little confusing, even the act of adding someones YT video or referring to someones blog article because even when you are not taking content to make it pass like its yours without permission; you are using that someones name, article, etc here and getting a benefit out of it.

I haven't seen any of my content in other blogs or on Luuux - think that might never happen, specially with my pictures, which are very crappy anyway - but I would feel very pissed if it did .  Why? sometimes you stop doing other things you might like more just to get new and fresh content on your blog. You might spend hours trying to get your crappy camera to catch that nailpolish real color, then download them to your computer, choosing the less crappy ones, cropping, resizing, rotating, watermarking and finally posting them to have someone else just clicking a button that says "post to Luuux".  And what about the money, real hard earned money that you have spent to get new products to try out, write reviews and create different looks?  Not all of us receive tons of products for free to try out or have our parents to buy whatever we want, most of us have to go to work, pay our bills and with whatever is left in our wallets or credit cards get some goodies.

So, to end - because I'm starting to get mad here LoL - I'm against taking someone else work and post it anywhere on the net and not only fail to disclosure that its not yours; but also cropping pictures to remove watermarking.  It is wrong, unfair and illegal.  If you are reading this, have stolen content on your blog and are tempted to leave a hate comment here; you should first try to create original content, see it posted to understand me, to understand how proud of myself I feel after doing it; even when its not perfect, even when there are tons of work better than mine.
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