Culebra Island: couple more pics

 must have been a little sleepy because I though it said "Snookie" lol...to much Jersey Shore?

showing a much over-due pedi


remaining of the Culebra Naval Reservation that was closed in 1975 and moved to Vieques.  Starting in 1939 Culebra was used as a gunnery and bombing practice site in preparation for the United States' involvement in World War II. In 1971 the people of Culebra began protests to ceased all operations

you can barely see it, but there is a rainbow!

cheated a little on the diet, couldn't resist a cold beer at the beach!

me at the Culebra Port

here leaving Culebra :(  Got more burned waiting for the ferry to depart that while on the beach.  This time on the upper floor, which means no sick me yay! :D
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