E.l.f haul

Recently made an order with E.l.f taking advantage of their 50% off on Studio line items

what I got:
- Daily Brush Cleanser: so far it have worked and it smells really nice.  Noticed that my brushes dried faster than with my diy cleanser

- Brush Shampoo

- Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in medium / glow

- Mineral Infused Face Primer: tried a little bit on my hand and the skin felt super soft and it looked more even; will see how it goes on my face.

- Cream Eyeliner in plum purple: I already had tried this eyeliners in other colors and the brush that is included now makes it much easier to apply.  Once applies it won't move.

- Lip Lock Pencil: also tried this right away and looks like it worked, but further experiments are needed.

- Eyelid Primer

- Lipstick in posh: it goes smooth on lips and its a lovely shade :D

- Duo Eye Shadow Cream in black licorice

- Mechanical Eyelash Curler

- Bronzers in cool and golden

- Complexion Perfection

- Brushes: complexion, contour, "c" shape, concealer

As a gift they sent a Shimmering Facial Whip in citrus; on my  prior order they sent this one too.  Maybe they are giving them away because of the wrong packaging? it's a facial whip but packaging says all over color stick Shipping was fast [ it took less than a week ] compared to the order I did on their 60% off; that one took 2.5 weeks.
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