A mini paradise

Last Wednesday I went to Culebra. this was my second time there and could not have been better!
Culebra is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico, located approximately 17 miles east of the Puerto Rican mainland, 12 miles and west of St. Thomas. It was discovered in 1493 by Christoher Columbus.

First time I visited 2 years ago, we went to Zoni Beach. We stayed for two days and weather was not so good but still managed to have a good time and a nice sunburn...to many Corona's make you forget about sunblock...
I must add that we even saw a deer! yeah, If you are Puerto Rican you know the only deer familiar to us here is Rudolph lol.  But yes, Culebra has a population of white-tailed deers that where introduced to the island in 1966. Sadly everything happened so fast that couldn't snap a picture :(

sorry for the bad quality, pic was taken with a cellphone

This time we went only for the day. Got out from home at 2am to go to Walmart and get a snorkeling kit. We arrived at the Fajardo Port at 3:30am to depart in the cargo ferry at 4am.  Hours sounds crazy but I was pretty awake and energized.  Like it happened the first time I went to Culebra, we seated in the first floor of the ferry and I got awfully sick.  Thank God the trip only took like 2 hours or little less.
Arrived at the beautiful island around 5:45 and took a taxi to get to Flamingo Beach. We where blessed enough to watch the sunrise at the beach; can you say romance??? lol

After the sun raised, we arranged our bags and hammock and went for a long walk along the beach.  At first I was a little stunted, my eyes could not believe such a beautiful and peaceful place.  Felt like I could stay there forever, just watching the sea and sun.  After I woke up and realized I was still not in haven lol, we had breakfast and rested a little, waiting for the sun to warm up the water so we could stalk some fishies hehehe!

Those black "things" are not bags, there where some dudes who decided to sleep on the sand. Who needs a camping tent when the beautiful Caribbean sky is your roof? :D

I'll have another post with the rest of the pictures
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