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Sorry for the lack of post, had a couple of them ready but life came in and could not get them up.

To quickly update: 
I started to loose weight has part of a bet I did with a friend; I had until August 1 to loose 55 lbs and he will refund me the cost of hotel + airfare for my trip to Las Vegas.  Well, I lost for 10 lbs! :(   it means I didn't got any money back; but still feels that I've win so much more & really enjoyed my vacation!
As today, I've lost 47 lbs.

A picture taken on a friend bday party the last month, I might look the same but maybe the shirt didn't made me justice...

Viva Las Vegas!: Went there on August 2 and returned the 5th. I was expecting to do more shopping but it wasn't the case.  Got some stuff at Forever 21 and Victorias Secret.  Spend most of my money on shows, rides, museums & aquarium, food, a couple of beers [because I earned them ha!] and water; countless bottles of water!!!  I was so sad, didn't want to leave Vegas :( but yeah, it was soooo much fun!!!!

Me & Justin Timberlake  at Madame Tussauds lol

at Treasure Island Hotel Pool

at one of MGM Grand restaurants...after being at Studio54 my hair was a mess! lol
love how my legs look here but not so much the dress...kind of a weird angle

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