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Sometime ago was thinking Avon was a little behind because they didn't had any primers; then MagiX came in and when I was wishing for an eye primer, they introduced Mark Please Hold eye primer; are they reading my mind or what? lol  Approximately a month ago I ordered it and while it didn't beat UDPP or Paladio Herbal eyeprimer, it wasn't a disaster. 

Product description according to Avon:
A creamy, oil-free formula that is two products in one. 0.098 oz. net wt.
- Primes lids, conceals circles!
- Helps eye makeup last and stay fresh-looking!
- Helps prevent creasing!
- Covers dark spots and puffiness!
- Oil-Free!
My experience based on product description:
  • Primes lids, conceals circles: my lids are dark due to insomnia and this primer did conceal that.  The skin in one of my eyes is patchy an uneven [got burn with wax] and typically when using dark eyeshadow that scar gets more noticeable, but this primer hides it nicely.  
  •  Helps eye makeup last and stay fresh-looking: generally speaking, it does. But, when I used it with a NYX JEP as a color base after 5 hours or so colors started to fade.  When applied my eyeshadow without a color base it worked fine.  
  •  Helps prevent creasing: Did crease when I used a cream color base, without the cream base makeup lasted pretty nicely for about 10 - 12 hours.
  • Oil-Free:  The product is so soft that may give you the impression that its oily, but is not.  It has a light consistency, it feels like you don't have anything on.  My mother as oily lids and she didn't experience any creasing.
other stuff to take into consideration:
  • packaging: thin & small size compact & like the fact that it includes a mirror!
  • price: $8 and I find it on the affordable side, specially if you have minor dark spots / discoloration; you could really take advantage of having two products in one [primer + concealer]
  • availability: You can get it by Avon.com or via one of their representatives.
  •  variety: It comes in 2 shades: Light to Medium & Medium to Dark. I got light to medium shade.

Yes, you can tell that I'm a primer junkie!!!! ahahah

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