CyZone eyeshadow sextet

I got this mini palette while ago and even tough I like the colors, haven't used it much.
The sextet is sold by CyZone, a brand from L'bel Paris; for the Latin American market. Their customer target are specially teenagers - late teens; but young adults like me find their beauty products appealing.
L'bel is something similar to Avon, they started to sell their products on catalogs; you order from their representatives. In Puerto Rico they have a store and  their most acclaimed products are the skin care ones, but their makeup is great too, they have rarely disappointed me.

This one is called Fashion Cyx. I also have it in Party Cyx but was totally smashed, had to save the crumbles left to jars :(


All shades are shimmery - metallic, still creamy and very pigmented.  My favorite colors are the green that has gold sparkles and the last color that looks silver on the palette but turns out to have a pretty blue undertone. This palette retails for $17, in offer now for $6.99 if you buy their Simply Me fragrance

swatches over foundation


** sorry for the crappy pictures, I have a new camera but can't find the usb, still using my old Kodak  :(

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