Tangled Tales: I want super long hair

For a very long time I've been sporting short or medium length hair cuts.  I have fine hair that breaks easily, so shorter is easier to manage.  To me, one of the most tedious task is to take care of it and long hair is time consuming but I've decided to let it grow.  When I was younger, my hair grew annoyingly fast! now that I want Rapunzel locks, it refuses to cooperate.

Took the decision to let it grow after trimming the ends on July and during the months that followed, at least to me it seemed to grow fast, but in the pictures looks pretty much at the same length month after month. I did notice it got more strong and shinny.  Unfortunately, didn't had anyone to take pictures from the back, the layers there where a little pass half my back.


mid November

god hair day for the job interview!

mid December
looking cute for work ;)

Almost 3 weeks ago got another so-needed trim

I'm in the lookout for hair growing products; recommendations are very, very appreciated.

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