Holiday Recap

December was a really good month, honestly; best than I expected (travel, job, concert) .
First, I went to visit one of my best friends in Orlando.  Besides spending time with her, had a blast at Sea World & Busch Gardens.  This was my first time in both parks; I felt like a kid again.  Thanks to this trip I found that I'm a trill junkie after getting in every roller coaster on both parks.  The first time in every ride was really scary (I cried a little in the first one), but then I was like "lets do it agaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn"  lol  Gladly, my stomach was a good sport those 2 days.  We saw all of the shows on Sea World, including the special ones for the Holidays; which where amazing.  Didn't took too many pictures because I was sick and didn't felt like carrying my big n heavy camera, but there are a couple from Sea World that I shared on Instagram if you are interested (randomrox)

There is a first time for everything and December was the month for it!  Had my first electronic music concert experience.  This was a super fun night.  I went with a friend to the David Guetta concert and to my surprise, we had VIP passes, that allowed us among other commodities; to see the show quite closer, considering how big the place was & the amount of people; the place was packed! and the energy!!! I'm really looking forward to another experience like this.  I jumped, sang, scream and danced like never before :))
Again, didn't want to carry the camera, so only a couple phone pics where snapped.

And well, here I am receiving the New Year.  My resolution? To loose the weight gained since I started studying :(

I know there are a lot of striped going on, but I live in the county; on a mountain and it was freaking cold that night!  Besides, I'm loving so much this hoodie from Charlotte Russe that don't mind looking crazy on it ;)

Until Next!


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