Please Read: Help a beautiful angel!

Hi there!
This post is not cosmetics related, is more on a personal note.

Maria Isabel is the niece of  a friend and she needs help.  She was born prematurely a year ago and at her short age, she have gone trough a lot.  Among the many complications little Maria have surpassed, shes suffering from Short Guts Syndrome, Retinopathy of Premature, Congenital Glaucoma and Failure to Thrive.

Maria will have surgery on September 28th and the cost of it is way more than what her family alone can cover.  Any donation is more than welcome and sure will be a God sent blessing for Maria and her family.
Here is the link where you can make your donation, find out other ways to help Maria's family and know more about her condition.

If you can't donate don't worry, you can also help by sharing the link, so other people know about Maria and how we can all give this cutie a second chance.  After reading her bio and all she have passed, I'm convinced she is not only a survivor, but a warrior.

God bless Maria Isabel, her family and everyone who kindly donates toward this good cause!


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