Fine Hair Care Tips


Because my hair is wavy and has volume; its looks thicker; but it have always been fine and have become thinner overtime.

Fine hair is difficult to manage because is prone to breakage.  While dealing with thinning hair, breakage and loosing it; I've found and tried some ways to work with it and take the best care possible.
I'm no expert, but I want to share with you what have worked for me and might work for you ass well.

  • Start doing it from the ends and then work your way out to the roots.
  • Detangling hair while is wet is not the best option, but if you have to; I recommend using conditioner to the length of your hair.
  • Use a wide tooth comb or a Wet Hair brush.

Styling it: 

When holding your hair in ponytails, is recommended to use fine-hair-friendly elastic bands like blax or bungee bands, or any other band that is covered in soft fabric to avoid pulling your hair while taking it out.

When taking out the elastic bands do it carefully and gently.  breakage from pulling elastic bands in a unruly way can take up to 2-4 inches of hair, causing a line of short hairs [angel hair] to show up.

Wide barretes are other option to hold your hair: they are easy to put on and to take off.

If possible, avoid teasing and backcombing. 

Breakage can also occur when using too much heat.  When using hot tools, try to do it it on the lowest heat possible, avoiding super close or direct contact. Depending on how healthy your hair is, use hot tool no more than 2 times weekly in combination with heat protectant products.

Other Tips:

When washing it, don't put shampoo at your ends because what really needs to be cleaned are the roots.
Opt for mild shampoos and conditioners that won't remove volume.

because fine hair tangles easily, avoid piling your hair up while washing it.

Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends.

Recomended Products:
  • Henna Hair Dye
  • Heat Protectants
  • Mild Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Moisturizers with Sunblock
  • Shampoo and Conditioners specially designed to fine / thinning hair
  • Protein Hair Masks
  • Volumizing Mousse and Gels
Final Note:
At times, fine/thin hair can be product of an unhealthy diet, stress or health problems - I've always had thin hair, but t have gotten thinner and start to loose it thanks to hypothyroidism -. In that case, consulting with your physician would be a great add to your hair care routine :D

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