China Glaze Riveting + Finger Paints Asylum + Accent Stamping

When The Hunger Games Collection came in, I was instantly in love with Riveting! Gladly, a week ago I was able to find it for less than $2 in a Sally Beauty near the place I'm doing my clinical practice.  On this Sally's every item on clearance has an additional 50% off, always - this way I'm getting little by little my favorite shades from past collections while saving money  :)  Also got 3 of the Finger Paints flakies: Asylum, Twisted & Flecked; each for $1.39

I can't get over how gorgeous Riveting is! Its so brilliant, so fresh & vivid!
The downside is that my camera doesn't like it.  Tried every possible setting & backdrop combination but the intensity of Riveting made my camera go crazy and wouldn't pick up the color right.  After two days of wear,  decided to layer some flakies and stamp an accent nail.  The shades of pink and gold from the flakies makes it look even more beautiful!

What I used:
China Glaze Riveting (base)
Finger Paints Asylum
Color Club Cold Metal (stamping)
Bundle Monster BM-212


1 comment:

tina said...

i love china glaze and color is perfect

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