Review: London-Soho-New York Beauty Sponge

One of my classmates asked for advice on wheter or not purchase the Beauty Blender.  I told her my experience with it, I used mine only once, didn't even bother to post a review.  I could not get used to it, I'm a brush person.  But I adviced her to try the affordable version from London-Soho-New York after reading Diane Cristi's review.  She got it and fell in love with it.  While practicing my makeup for the mock-interview for one of our classes I notice my Kirkland flat top brush was getting bald.  Because I could not find a replacement at Costco, settled for a second chance to the blender sponges & I'm so glad I did!

IMG1698, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Comparing both sponges after just one try on each, I feel more comfortable using the SOHO one.  At least to me, it seems smaller and the texture is softer.  The price also wins my heart ($7.99 or $5 on sale vs the Beauty Blender) I was able to achieve a smooth finish with great coverage; even beter than the brush. 

I did a test run on half of my face before doing full face makeup.  the official test was last Friday for the Medical Secretary initiation ceremony.  Felt tempted to avoid using loose powder because my skin looked airbrushed, but high temperatures around here are not to trust. If you are looking for a good and affordable alternative to the Beauty Blender, the SOHO Beauty Sponge is a great option.

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