Esika Look & Care Keratech Complex Leave-In Styling Cream

If one thing I can say about my mom is that she is a hair product hoarder.  She loves to buy products from different brands and combine them and create her custom care regimen.
I'm happy that she does that: I provide her the nail polish & makeup and she provides me with lots of hair care products to try - WIN! :D

Esika Look & Care Leave-In Styling Cream (with  Keratech Complex) is a product designed to complement your straightening shampoo & conditioner routine.  Acording to product description it removes frizz, reduces volume, adds shine, protect ends and helps to prolong the lasting of your flat iron or blow-out.
retail price: $8 for 6.7 fl. oz.

Indications of use are very simple: just apply over towel dry hair from the middle of your hair to the roots in a descending movement; then style it as you wish.

I have used it more than 5 times by now; putting it trough the test of super crazy weather changes here in Puerto Rico.  I trimmed my ends for the last time in July last year -mom is very offended by this hair-sin of mine- and I was surprised at how less horribly looking my ends where.  My Thyroid condition makes my hair weak, more fine that it naturally is and totally destroys my ends; but this product seems to camouflage this flaws pretty darn well!  I like to alternate between blower and flat iron or use both when climate is extra crazy, but I was still able to conserve some volume; so I don't end up looking bald.
Its scent is a mild mix between fruity and flowery, nothing overpowering.  In terms of how much to apply this varies depending on length and how much hair you have.  I like to part my hair in half and start with nickel sized pearls and distribute, putting special attention to my scary dry ends.

I can say that this is a Randon Stash-mom approved product!   ;)

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