Challenge + resolution: wear makeup more often

Since I went back to school I have neglected my makeup and started hoarding nail polishes.  Makeup is my original & true love, but because I don't have time to go out often like in the older days; painting my nails is a more practical way to pamper myself than doing my makeup to sit at home...studying.

Anyway my resolution is to have at least one makeup related post weekly and here is the latest; done with an Elf Studio 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette.  I did this inspired in a picture used for a challenge at BBPR  I'm rusty in the winged eyeliner department, it needs improvement.
In person the colors where much more intense. My eyebrows & dark circles didn't look so bad?....close up shots makes you see how bad things are.

Despite the eyebrow & dark circle massacre, I love how this combination looks on me.

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