Leopard Print Is Addictive!

I'm not the kind for flashy or eye catching shoes but do love me some high heels.  I'd better be caught dead than going out wearing flats! I do use flats to run errands, go to school and stuff like that but to party, dine out and such I'm always on heels. I'm only 5'2" so that means I'm biologically drawn to high heels LoL

It took me by surprise to be in love with this pair! Not because of the height, they are very comfortable; but the print is something that I might like but not feel sure I could pull it off.

This pair was a gift for getting good grades in my first semester Yay! and I was offered the option to exchange them if I didn't like them.  I was thinking about choosing the same model but in a solid color; I couldn't: leopard print got my heart forever!  Already wore them with skinny jeans and they look fab! plan to use them again on Saturday.  Honestly, I don't care if animal print is in style or not; I'll wear them until they say "please no more!"

For those of you that are fashion savvy: With which other prints would be nice to pair this heels?  Most of my dresses have some kind of print and I really want to wear them with a dress; besides the obvious black.

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