Last Week of vacation *picture heavy*

Like last year, I had the opportunity to join a friend on a road trip in the US. The route was pretty much the same, except this time we made it to Washington DC. I really wanted to make it to NY, but I only had 3 days left before my Christmas vacation ended. Anyway, I had so much fun!
Again, surviving on cellphone pictures.

1:45am - ready for the airport

ready for snow tubing in WV!

Winter Place Ski Resort, WV

Washington DC: this was my first time in Washington. I loved everything about it, didn't care that rains a lot. Didn't took many pictures as we where walking fast, we where short on time to visit the different museums.

The memorable moment [at least for me] was visiting The Smithsonian Museum. I'll sound lame but I almost cried when I was inside. When it comes to the travel bug I have many dreams and some of them are quite expensive but one of the most simple, yet unfulfilled until this trip; was to visit the Smithsonian. This is why it feels awesome to have someone that knows your smallest wishes and make them come true: what seems small to others, can mean the world to your loved ones. Due to time restrictions I only saw one of the three floors of the museum, but I left damn happy!

Smithsonian Castle

Smithsonian Museum

I'll add the rest of the pictures in another post

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