Nicka K nail polishes

Nicka K is a new brand for me.  I got this trio as a gift from my cousin.  She went to the San Juan Beauty Show, before leaving she saw them and got it because they where cheap .  She got 3 for her and 3 for me.  I think this bottles are from their old design.

Orange Frost, Purple Iridescent, Pure Silver

By first impressions I must say, that I love the bottle.  Its rectangular (fits better within the rest of my stash) and the diamond in the middle looks nice, reminds me of Sally Hansen  Diamond Shine polishes.

left to right: Pure Silver, Purple Iridescent, Orange Frost

top to bottom: Orange Frost, Purple Iridescent, Pure Silver

Orange Frost  reminds me of the flesh of a pumpkin :) Consistency is watery but manageable. Swatch represent 3 coats and you can still see my nail line. This polish would be better for layering than to wearing by its own; unless you don't mind doing more than 3 coats.

Purple Iridescent is my favorite because on my nails looks the opposite to the bottle and the name. In my nails looks hot pink with purple iridescent.  It reminds me of Sinful Colors Forget Now, except that FN is a jelly with glass flecks. Swatch shows 3 coats.

Pure Silver has better formula than the other two in terms of opacity and is thicker; only 2 coats where needed.  In pictures tends to look more white than silver because of the flash.  In person looks more metallic, just a tad borderline pearl.  Because is more thick, takes linger to dry but the color is very pretty

Because I was super busy with school, I whore the swatches for a hole week (yes, only 3 nails in my left hand) without top coat and they hold pretty well. Four days passed before I notice chipping at the corner of my nails.
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