Nail polish picture horror show

Warning: post contains strong images not suitable for hardcore nail polish collectors
viewer discretion advised

While setting everything for my giveaway, I was concerned about the way I should package the prizes. I've never sent polishes by mail and the thought of the winner receiving a broken polish really annoyed me.  Besides using an envelope with bubble wrap lining and using bubble wrap for each polish, I also considered putting each polish in a little ziplock back filled with shredded paper, in case any of them broke, didn't mess up the others.  My friend told me I was freaking out with the wrapping thing and I almost agreed; until I received this:
excited! my first product for review consideration :)

oh oh...I felt the smell of the nail polish, I knew something was wrong...

after calming down thought: no big deal, we can save it!

never mind!

Hope this baby didn't suffer, he's in a better place now..vaya con Dios! :(
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