Sephora Shimmer Harmony gloss palette -pic heavy-

This is the review & swatches for the Sephora Shimmer Harmony gloss palette.  I got this in March but kept procrastinating on taking pictures.  This is my first time doing lip swatches so bare with me :)
I will be grateful if you could give me some tips when taking pictures for lip swatching.

The Shimmer Harmony gloss palette includes 6 cool tone glosses packed with tons of shimmer.  The glosses come in a rectangular case that also includes a mini brush, a mirror and a round space in the corner close to the mirror that I guess is for mixing the glosses to create a custom shade.  The glosses don't have names, they are identified in the back of the palette by a number.

Some are a tad shear but in general they have a very good pigmentation. The glitter on them is gorgeous! you can see it in the arm swatch that came out blurry, it was the only way to make them show on pictures.  I didn't had that luck when swatching on my lips but in person the shimmer really shows.
I have used them alone and over lipstick / lipliner. They last longer layered over other product. I prefer angle brushes to apply lipgloss but the brush included works ok, I use it more to apply lipstick as it works better.
My room gets super hot during summer and I've had bad experience with lipgloss on palettes melting and creating a mes but this palette have been an exception. The glosses have stayed in place but they are very soft and easy to pick.
Shades 3 and 4 are sticky and if you apply them alone & too much the appearance is -honestly- ugly.  I rarely use them but when I do, I use them to layer over something else and just a tad in the center of the lips, feathering it out to the corners. My favorites are shade 2 and 5.  Shade #5 reminds me of Sephora by Opi Miss Can't Be Wrong because of the blue shimmer.

lip swatch note:  I notice some shades look identical on the pictures when swatched on my lips, maybe because of my natural pigmentation?? In person I could tell the difference but not in the pictures; I've decided to opt swatch of shade #1.






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