Beauty Specialist brush set

Hi beauty divas!
Wow, this is almost a year over due review! lol Found this pictures scattered around some random folders and even tho they are horrible, I wanted to share because this brushes totally worth it.

I got this 4-piece brush set as a Christmas gift.  Don't know now, but I remember seeing this set in different colors at Marshalls, retailing for about $10 - $15. It was the first thing I grabbed every time I was there but always left them, trying to convince myself  that I didn't need more brushes.  Well, apparently my relatives didn't know of my struggle and enabled me not only with this kit, but with another 10- piece from Walmart (not show, those pictures are even worse!)

They come in a pretty box that simulates a book, but it gives you a preview of the brushes

It includes a medium powder brush, angled contour brush and two double ended ones: one for eyeshadow and one for eyeliner. In the duos, the one for eyeshadow has a c-shaped side and an angle or doe foot brush.  The next duo, both flat and angled eyeliner brushes.

They are conveniently named, and ideal gift for someone who's just starting in makeup. This brushes are soft and are very well made.  
In terms of shedding, while washing I think the powder brush have shed once or twice, but never while using it.  They pick up product as good as the rest of my brushes do.  
The angle eyeliner brush is one of my favorites, because its fine but dense enough to lets say, pick up product from an eyeliner pencil. It is a little stiff to, but enough so it bends nicely as I move it around my eye.  
The angle face brush is very versatile, I use it to apply bronzer, blush & highlighter.   I recently try it to apply a tinted moisturizer and it worked very nice. Even tho it was something light, using this brush with the tinted moisturizer gave me a soft buffed effect. I don't think it would work the same with heavier stuff like ColorStay.
In my opinion, this its great either for newbies or more hardcore makeup users.  The face brushes might be too bulky (the handle) to travel with, but the duos are definitely a saver! If you have seen them recently at Marshalls or other similar retailers, let me know.
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