ONYX Professional nail polish remover

Good Morning
Today I'll share a review / rant / warning.  Its about the ONYX Professional Moisturizing nail polish remover.  I got it at Walmart for $4 in a hurry because after the incident with my first franken I ran out of my favorite
The bottle explains is for natural nails, that it conditions them with vitamin E and Aloe Vera and has a lavender scent. I couldn't smell the lavender on it.  It might have vitamins and AV since I didn't notice the white residue some removers leave nor my skin got dry but!....it doesn't remove the polish! lol
No mater what type of finish; mate, creme,jellies, didn't seem to work with any of them. This remover was so bad that the trick of aluminum foil to remove glitter polishes hardly worked. But the worst part is that I purchase this same product like two years ago and had the same experience....see what happens you buy polish remover in a hurry? didn't remember until I saw that the polish wasn't coming out; no matter how much I put in the cotton pad  :/

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