Beauty Profile: Its not my life anymore

Hi beauties!
Monday already? but worry no more; here is another edition of Beauty Profile to save the day!
Today, featuring Noelia from Its not my life anymore - who I have declared The Sinful Colors queen!

How did you started in the beauty blog world and whats your blog about?
I started recently, on January of this year because I needed a place for myself. where I could be me. While searching on Google I found Chloe's Nails blog and I loved it. Since I was already addicted to nail polish and I changed the color of my nails a lot, I decided to take pics and start the blog. My blog is mainly about nail polish, but occasionally I might blog about my son or my life, or even clothes that I bought.

How does nail polish enthusiast can benefit from your blogs content?
They can see how the nail polish looks and decide if they want to buy it or not. I've had a couple of people saying that they where looking for a color on Google and ended up at my blog and when they saw the pics they liked it so they where going to buy it.

Do you know approximately how much hrs per week you dedicate to blogging?
I blog daily unless something happens that I can't make the entry. Hours per week? I really don't know. Most of my time is on Facebook. lol

When you are creating a post, what is the part that you like the most and the one you like the lesser?
I love taking the pics, even tho I get frustrated sometimes with my camera. I dislike writing. If you notice, most of my post are full of pics and have little words.

By now we know nail polish is your passion. What makes you love it?
I love how it makes the outfit. Specially for me since I'm always in dark colors, so with pink neon nails it looks so awesome.

Love for beauty products many times is perceived by others as a "vanity thing". What could you say in its defense?
I don't think that taking care of myself and wanting to look good it's vanity. I do it for myself, not for others.

Are your family and friends supportive of your passion and do they get involved in your blogging career?
Only my mom has seen the blog and she doesn't get it. She doesn't understand why I keep buying nail polish. And my friends, they support my addiction to polish and I even share it with some of them. Some of my guy friends make fun of me for it, but they are just joking around.

How did you manage being a single mom, blogging while you where studying?
I blog at night. Now, it's that I have more free time during the day since my mom is not working, but once she goes back, it's back to late night blogging. I used to study at night too. When my son is sleeping.

Advises you could give the ones that are new to the beauty blogging scene?
- when taking pictures: light is the most important thing! makes the difference.
- when writing a review: be honest.
- taking criticism over their work: take it has it comes. you will learn from it.

Imagine you had the chance to create your own nail polish line: how it would be? 
Glitter, neon and pink!

How many polishes do you own?

Aside from beauty, what other things you could easily blog about?
My life. What's going on with me.

Are there any things going on in the beauty blogging scene that you don't like? or even have discouraged you at times.
Until now, nothing.

What means "me time" for Noelia -the mom-? 
Sleeping! hahaha Really, just spending time in my room watching TV or on the computer.

Most influential people in your life?
My family.

Nail Polishes:
- nude, bright or dark? bright
- 3 fave nail polish finishes: glitter, holo, neon
- if you could have only 3 nail polish for life: Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Wet n' Wild Hannah Pinktana & Party of Five Glitters.
- long , medium or short nails? medium
- worst trend: extra long nails
- worst beauty product experience: I haven't had like a really bad experience, maybe only the stains on my nails that some polish make.

Top 5 advices when dealing with polishes & nails:
1. time
2. patience
3. creativity
4. care
5. concentration

Any funny or cute anecdotes involving your son & nail polishes?
He loves to count them. Every time he sees one he starts saying "uno tres". Even at Walgreens.

Something new coming soon to It's Not My Life Anymore blog? We want a juicy exclusive! hahaha
I'm was thinking about what new thing I could add, but I still don't know. Maybe clothes and accessories reviews. Also, I hope I can get my hands on more Kleancolor's nail polishes, because I love the glitters that they have.

Any life advise you could give to our readers?
Be yourself. Don't regret your life choices and ignore what people say about you.

What identifies or describes you:

Since you like Jersey Shore, what do you think about Snooki's nails?
Love the design, hate the shape of the nail.

Hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as I did!
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