Jordana Matte lipstick

Hello gorgeous!

This is the second time I've tried something from Jordana. I own an eyeliner which works nice. Also got a nail polish but is still in the untried bin. While writing this comes to my attention that I've no longer seen any Jordana at my local Walgreens?

I got the Jordana Matte lipstick at Kmart for $1.99. This is the only shade I've tried because none of the others have caught my attention.  I wanted to get a slight muted pink lipstick but all that I tried before where too nude or felt too dry for my liking - until I found this one.  The packaging could look cheap to some, but I'm not a sucker for that so I honestly, don't rest point to it from that; unless it makes the product itself difficult to use. I don't like the rounded tip shape of the lipstick, but no big deal there either.

Pink Flair in the tube looks like a dusty rose shade, but in my lips looks lighter (strawberry milk-ish).  I like this shade because my lips are naturally very pigmented and this one gives me a natural look with a lil' extra, nothing too colorful nor too muted.  The scent is delightful, its reminds me of sugar cookies.  Even when its described as a matte lipstick, I notice a slight shine.  I like this factor because my lips tends to get dry and matte lipstick in general tend to make it worst.  I feel that it moisturizes my lips without adding extra shine, it is like a matte creme? if it makes sense

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