Beauty Profile: Princess Poly

Hi friends!
Welcome back to Mondays of Beauty Profile. Today Dr Poly will take care of you!

First off, would you like to explain our readers why I called you Dr Poly?
HA! Well you called me Dr. Poly because I’m a medical student and my nickname is Poly. Back in high school I had a friend that has a cousin named Paola like me and her nickname was Poly. One day she started calling me that and it just stuck.

How did you get started in the beauty blog world and what’s your blog about? 
I had been following blogs and you tube gurus since 2006 and collecting beauty products, like makeup and nail polishes, for two years. Then one day I just decided to start blogging like a hobby, just doing it for me. I never expected to have more than 100 followers LOL. For some people that’s nothing but for me it's a huge milestone, since I’m not a professional in the beauty world.
My blog has a little bit of everything. I blog about makeup, nail polishes, skin care, diet/fitness, and soon I will start doing a women's health series.

How can beauty product enthusiasts benefit from your blog's content?
As I said, I’m not a professional. I'm just a regular girl that loves makeup and beauty related things. So, when people read my blog, they'll get honest opinions and reviews from an normal enthusiast, just like them.

Your blog includes a little bit of everything, which is your favorite subject to write about?
Right now, I’m very much into nail polishes, but I love to write about everything.

Love for beauty products many times is perceived by others as a "vanity thing" What could you say in its defense?
I don’t think that love for beauty products is a vanity thing at all. Why not love things that help enhance our beauty and gain more confidence?!

How do you balance your studies with blogging?
It’s really hard. For me blogging is a hobby so I do it when I have free time…almost never. What I do is, if I do my makeup to go out or paint my nails, I try to take pictures at that moment and when I have a chance I blog about them. I definitely wished I had more time because I truly enjoy blogging.

Advises you could give the ones that are new to the beauty blogging scene?
when taking pictures: Know your camera. You don’t need an expensive one. The key is to play with the settings.
when writing a review: Always write your honest opinion. Don’t write what you think people want to hear.
taking criticism over their work: Take the criticism as a way to improve your work…and remember not everyone is going to agree with you or like you.

Describe the shopping spree of your dreams
WOW! No limit credit card in a mall with MAC, Sephora, Lush, American Eagle, Macys and Saks Fith Avenue LOL

Aside from beauty, what other things you could easily blog about?
Health related things. I’m planning on starting a health series in which Ill be writing about breast examination, menopause, etc

Are there any things going on in the beauty blogging scene that you don't like? or even have discouraged you at times.
Jealousy!!!!! A have a really good friend that has been targeted with hate and bullying from other bloggers . I don’t like that at all.

Most influential people in your life?
My mom

worst trend: Brittomania LOL
worst beauty product experience: None that I remember right know
 5 top advices when dealing with polishes & nails:
1) Always use a base coat to prevent staining
2) Always use a top coat to prevent chipping
3) Even coats of nail polish dry faster.
4) Don’t mix acetone with nail polish ladies…you are going to ruin the nail polish
5) Patience, Patience, Patience
beauty sin: Foundation that doesn’t match your skin color!
have you bought something just because of the packaging?   Ha!! All the time! I'm a sucker for that.
your go-to outfit: My scrubs lol

Any anecdotes involving your love for beauty products and your job?
One day I was studying at my school's library and this girl came up to me asking if I was Princess Poly. I felt famous for a moment.

Any life advice you could give to our readers?
Your face is your canvas ladies...Its really important to take good care of your skin with a moisturizer before you apply makeup.

What identifies or describes you

Hope you have enjoyed this interview! Who will be next???
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