things I'm not liking rigth now

I saw a post on facebook about random things that gets on your nerves or just bugs you a little. The guy who posted it might just had a bad day and needed to vent - so do I! - but I decided to post my list as a tag. Sure my list will grow, specially when PMS hits. You are more than welcome to vent too! complete the tag on your blog or let it out in the comments section

Here we go:
1. the Britto mania. If you don't know what this is, check it out
2. I know that choice is freedom, but abusing of the nude lip trend is not cool...at least for me ;)
3. super thin tattooed  brows
4. people that Spam their blog url when commenting, and most times they comment something that has nothing to do with the post.
5. comments on you tube tutorials: I don't know why o why!!! people are so disrespectful there.
6. constantly dedicating videos, post, etc to their "haters"
7. drama among mineral makeup companies.
8. companies labeling shipping to Puerto Rico as international$$$, yet they ship thru USPS, which considers PR as part of US, pricing us the same as the rest of the states.
9. people that talk super loud over the phone
10. guys that shamelessly stare when you are running at the track...so uncomfortable
11. cigarette odor on clothes, cars
12. people that say they're over their ex but all of their facebook post are about guess what? the damn ex! forget it and enjoy your beautiful life  :D
13. my left eye: its so droopy
14. the economy - sucking big time
15. Mc Donnalds - I need a Big Mac that including fries is 250 calories or less. hahaha!
16. people who go to Walgreens and mess up with the last bottle of Sinful Colors in Nirvana...
17. spores and other invisible stuff that triggers my asthma.

If you are a perpetrator of one of the things I don't like, please don't take it personal - unless you can eat all the Big Macs that you want and don't gain a pound...in that case, I honestly hate you
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