stylish blogger award

I'm quite late on this, but better late than never :)
I received this award from Jossie from Pink Beauty and Poly from Princess Poly .
I want to thank them for taking my blog in to consideration. These awards are super important, specially for newbies like me. They give each of us the opportunity to help our readers discover new bloggers, new life styles, new points of views.  It kinds of a support net, helping us to connect with friends and colleagues, also; showing readers that there are great bloggers besides the "big names" in the game.
Again: thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Rules:
1) Thank the person that give you the award and link back to them.
2) Post 7 things about yourself.
3) Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
4) Let them know they received this award.

7 Things About Me: 

- I changed my mind and instead of studying to be a social worker, I'll study something medical related.
- born on St Patriks day - March 17th
- totally hate to clean the bathroom
- I get irritated by people who talk too loud over the phone
- I've started to hoard nail polishes :)
- love hummus with pitta chips!
- might start to do the Insanity Workout - pray for me please! lol

I pass this award to:

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