Benefit Erase Paste concealer

In March I went to Sephora to use a gift card.  My focus was on to find a good under eye concealer.  I've read numerous post and watch You Tube videos on the matter. I wanted something similar to Eve Pearl salmon concealer because it was highly recommended for dark circles.  The sales lady recommended to get one from Bobby Brown but I didn't like the texture, so I ended up getting a Benefit kit that included the erase paste.
In a kit with Stay don't stray primer and cream shadow retails for $26
Erase Paste alone retails at $26

 Booo! naked eye LoL

 eye makeup using erase paste

- it's not exactly like it, but it has quite similar gel consistency, which makes blending easy.

- even tho consistency is lightweight, its so soft that if not careful; you can easily use too much and the product could cake on fine lines.

- the shade I'm using is medium and works really nice with my skin tone and gets rid of redness close to my waterline and lashline.

- the most important thing: it does conceal my dark circles and evens the skin tone.

- at first I was worried because the jar was so tinny, thought that it would run out fast. I've been using it for nearly 3 months and have plenty of product.

- if you are the type that prefer to use fingers to get the product out, the jar is too small and excess product will get under your fingernails.

- at least for me: availability because I can only get the product at Sephora and in Puerto Rico there is only one store.

This last point I'm not sure if its a good or bad thing, but this concealer works great when used with stay don't stray eye primer, it balances out the different colors around and under your eyes; also helps the concealer to last longer.
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