Sephora & Old Navy haul

On Tuesday I was finally! able to visit Sephora to use a giftcard I got on Christmas :) All this time I checked their page daily, to see what I would get from the store, and I knew it won't be much cause everything is pricey and the gift card was for $50. Thought I would spend hours looking and searching but 30 minutes after I was out with my bag of goodies and a smile in my face!

 my sister in law insisted to take the picture, we where at Old Navy

The sales lady was super nice, think this was the 2nd time she helped me. She gave me good recommendations and explained me how to apply the products that I got and the samples she gave me.  

Most of the value set I was interested in where not available, but my main interest was to get a concealer and I got one.  Felt tempted to get a Tarte purple wallet that includes several eyeshadows, but since I already own so many, decided to go with more basic items. I went over for about $7 but it was ok :)

Benefit  ready-set-stay eye trio $26
Benefit feelin' cheecky! minis $15
Sephora Collection harmony gloss palette $12
Philosophy vanilla birthday cake bath & shower gel Free as a beauty insider birthday gift

After Sephora I went to Old Navy to reunite with my mom, sister in law and nice.  While browsing here and there, picked this cute black & gray floral top that was in the clearance section

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