My birthday look

Happy April everyone!

I was looking forward to this post, to add pics of my first time using the WnW comfort zone palette...but that night I started to feel sick; next day woke up with a nasty cold :( ....and a slight hang over. So even tho I had a good time, wasn't in the mood to take pictures of my makeup. To add up, the top portion of my hair was weirdly possessed; it looked funny tho hahaha!  At least it was the right occasion to use a dress I got at Charlotte Russe last year. After losing so much weight it fitted better now :) To be honest, I felt old with that dress until I saw my green nails in the picture LoL 

A friend took me to a Sushi restaurant called Ikebana.  I wasn't so hungry so only ate a California roll with a Puerto Rican twist (fried banana inside), it was delish! And then the kiwi martini mmmm, nice refreshment for my sore throat. I'm not into sweet drinks, the martini was just to feel fancy ;) Ended the celebration at a club in the metropolitan area with who nows how many Coronas and couple (or more) of Tequila Juarez shots. All in all, it was a great St Patricks day!

Sorry for the picture quality, they were all taken with cellphones.

 a close up from the kiwi martini time, 9:00 pm

 Kiwi Martini time!
 Even if my life depends on it, I can't pose!

bad hair night???YUP! :(

ate,drank, walked, laughed, drank, danced, drank, drank, laughed, drank 
& around 4 am my makeup still looked good! :D

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