Birthday gifts from mom

Alo Alo!!!
On my birthday's week mom told me she wanted to get me a gift from her part. I'm unemployed right now & mom wanted to help me getting some clothes; after losing 84 pounds my closet is a graveyard! LoL
I'm not comfortable with my parents buying me stuff & didn't want her to spend much, so my choice was Burlington Coat Factory. They have nice selection of styles and brands and I've found some great bargains there. Didn't get all the things that I tried on because I made a lay-away weeks ago there anyway.

Anyway, here are the things I got at Burlington:

  flowy floral top with knitted bib $9.99
Oh boy! excuse my no makeup look , I was sick :(

necklace from Forever21, gold bangles from Burlington
nailpolish Sinful Colors innocent

v neck shirt with lace on shoulders

sleeveless coverup $9.99 

hook silver earrings $2.99

And a pair of jeans from a store called Fashion Show District (fsd). 
They where 50% off and the brand is new to me; NOTW: not of this world. 

They have a biblical inscription inside which I found super cool cause I ♥ Jesus! LoL 
These need to get tailored, they didn't had petite sizes and size 9 is loose on the waist but size 7 felt to tight on my hips; so I had to settle for 9
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