In to the fitting room: 3-15-11

I decided to create this series of post to know if I'm the only one who takes pictures while trying out clothes in stores ahahah! Hope I'm not the be only one...that would make me feel like a weirdo! LoL

Warning: there is some bra & navel action :P
These were taken on 3.15.11 at Burlington Coat Factory
Aside from being fun to pose in front f a mirror, in a fitting room full of other people waiting for me to try on like 50 items; its interesting.  I don't own a long mirror to snap pics for OOTD, so taking these at the store makes easy for me to share with you what I like to wear or what I'll buy. So you don't worry; temperature in Puerto Rico is still a bit colder than we are used to for this time of the year, but still nice to wear strapless and sleeveless clothes LoL

found this strapless dress in the beach wear section but thought it would be nice to go out for spring / summer and pump it up with accessories, shoes and a nice clutch. $19.99. Still undecided on getting it.

I loved this mini dress, it's so different to what I'm used to wear! but in the back felt too short for me and I don't like to wear leggings to go out, so I left it. Was on clearance section $12.99

This was a keeper! loved the fluttery sleeves that will help hide wide bra straps for extra lift (that I'm in so much need!) and support.  also like the fact that it looked cute with jeans but also would look good with trousers or a formal skirt. $13.99

Another keeper! this asymmetrical? sleeveless tunic looked great with jeans. Sorry for the bra & navel action but don't worry, I will wear it with a black cami underneath in public ;)  This one is from a brand called Living Doll which I'm loving! $14.99
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