Colorful Eyeliner

Alo Alo super gorgeous!

I know this is kind of basic, nothing fancy or shockingly awesome LoL but its new to me: using loose eyeshadow as liner.  Not that I've never seen it, I just didn't try it before.  Pics are just from me playing with the concept, but I'll try to remember do wear it out in public next time I go out.  Hence I need to master the eyeliner on my left eye LoL, it's a time saver! just a pop f color in your eyeliner, mascara, blush, any lip product and you are ready to go party!

What I used:

First I primed my eye using Palladio Herbal eye primer.  Then I used a cream matte shade from the WnW Vanity palette all over my lid up to my brow bone.
Then (pics from this step went MIA) mixed a little bit of the eyeshadow with eye drops until it formed kind of a paste and lined my upper lash line; sealed it but the same eyeshadow, dry.  To finish up curled lashes, added mascara and white eyeliner on my waterline.

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