My first Halloween!...as an adult

As a child, I dressed up for Halloween maybe twice. As an adult I always wanted to have fun dressing up but don't know why I always ended up enjoying everyone else costumes from a distance. Well, not this year! My costume was kind of a last minute ensemble, we wanted to go a to party on Wednesday; but wasn't sure my friends could make it and didn't want to go alone.  So, we went to Party City the same day, I got a wig and a she devil kit that included a headband with horns, a tail and kind of a "bow tie".  Also got some accent lashes with little stars at the tips, they looked very cute
Then on the actual Halloween night we went to another party, I repeated the same costume and changed the accessories
I had so much fun dressing up! Looking forward for next years Halloween!!
Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend :D

Sorry for the pics, most where taken with cellphones :P

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