NYX Cosmetics: It pays back to be good :D

October is a month well know not only for the Halloween festivities, but also because a its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We all know someone that have gone trough this difficult situation and its always good to donate both time & money, not only because is a good cause but because to be real & honest: we never know if in the future we will be needing their help & support
To celebrate this great cause, NYX Cosmetics will reward YOU for being such an angel. The action of being kind to others and help when they are in need is a reward by itself; but a nice discount to get some goodies sounds good too! :D
If you have donated time, money or run in a BCA marathon lately you can email your receipt or documentation to discount@nyxcosmetics.com for an unique code that will provide you a 35% off your entire purchase on www.nyxcosmetics.com.
And it gets better because you get to be an angel twice!!! How? 10% of all sales generated from your purchase will be donned to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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