Tip: for cracked heels and calluses

Maybe this tricks are not new, but they have worked for me and wanted to share; "sharing is caring" =D

If you have problems with cracked heels or your toes  got dark while tanning, You will need:
- bucket or a feet tub [something big and comfortable enough to sink booth feet in]
- water
- vinegar vinegar
- pumice, foot file or something similar to a PedEgg
- moisturizing cream of your choice

First, boil enough water to put on the bucket and cover booth feet. Check water temperature prior to sink your feet in, make sure its not going to burn you.
Once happy with how hot the water is, add half bottle [more or less depending on how hard your skin is] of white vinegar, revolve with your hand or spoon.
Sink your feet in the water.  The hot water and the vinegar will help to "tenderize" calluses and the cracked skin on your heels, make it easier to remove it with the pumice or the foot file.  It also helps to leave skin smoother and to clarify the skin. After you finish scraping the cracked skin, dry your feet and apply moisturizing cream.

Another trick that was told was to at least 3 times a week apply Vick's VapoRub to heels, cover with gauze and sleep with socks on. The ointment with the help of your natural body heat will release a warm moisture to maintain skin smooth and humected.  Guess the use of the gauze or the socks are to avoid a mess of the ointment while you sleep hehehe
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